Man files complaint after Darlington County deputy snatches camera, threatens arrest

A Charlotte man tells WIS he intends to file a formal complaint against a Darlington County deputy following what the man claims was an assault in May. The incident happened at a campground near the Darlington Raceway during the track's NASCAR race last month.

The victim in the case said he was shooting video of Darlington County deputies walking through an Indian Branch Road campground around 12:30 a.m. following the NASCAR race. The victim, who has asked that WIS not reveal his identity, was confronted by a man Darlington County Sheriff's Captain Andy Locklair identified as Sterling "Chad" Poston. The video shows the victim standing several yards away from the officers when Poston shines his flashlight at the victim and approaches him.

"Do you want to go to jail," Poston is heard asking the victim on the video, "I'm sorry," the victim is heard responding. The recording shows Poston ask the victim the same question again when the victim says Poston "ripped" the phone from him and "shoved him."

The victim said Poston purposefully stopped the recording and threatened to take him to jail. The video is titled, "Darlington Police Assault (Darlington County Sheriff's Office) on a YouTube page registered to the profile, "beofotch."

WIS emailed Captain Locklair the video that contained the allegations of assault, requesting an update on the case and the deputy's identity. In an emailed statement from Captain Locklair—which also included Sheriff Wayne Byrd's email address—Locklair told WIS his agency would not investigate the incident until the victim in the case filed a complaint, "The validity of the video should be substantiated with a complaint. When that complaint comes to this office we will investigate and I will forward you any information I receive. Thanks for all you do, and stay safe my friend."

The agency has not provided any further updates on the investigation.

Locklair did not answer questions of the deputy's identity in our initial email. Locklair did confirm Poston's identity after several WIS viewers provided the deputy name after we posted the video and picture of the victim's video on Facebook and Twitter. Multiple sources identified the deputy as Chad Poston. Locklair confirmed the deputy's identity four days later.

In a series of emails, the victim attempted to file a complaint with the sheriff's office on June 12. The email exchange shows the sheriff's office would not accept the complaint unless the victim filed it in person. The victim tells WIS, given the fact that he lives in Charlotte, he will have to schedule a time to file the formal complaint with the sheriff's office. As of this report that has not happened.

WIS has asked the Darlington County Sheriff's Office for an update as to whether the agency has reviewed the video. We'll update this article as soon as an answer is provided.

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