Brett Parker federal gambling trial postponed to September

(Source: South Carolina Department of Corrections)
(Source: South Carolina Department of Corrections)

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Federal court officials have postponed the federal gambling trial against Brett Parker, his father, Jack, and one other person until September.

According to the federal court's schedule, the trial will now begin on Sept. 16 and should end by Sept. 20.

The federal trial is just the newest chapter in the story of Brett Parker, who was recently convicted of the murders of his wife, Tammy Jo, and his business partner, Bryan Capnerhurst.

The feds indicted Brett, Jack, and 60-year-old Douglas E. Taylor on a one-count charge of conduct of an illegal gambling business back in February.

The maximum penalty each could receive is five years imprisonment.

Brett is already serving a life sentence.

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