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'Busted Plug' will move to Finlay Park, council votes

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Columbia City Council voted in favor of moving the giant, infamous fire hydrant known as "Busted Plug" to the corner of Taylor and Gadsden streets in Finlay Park.

The plan is to use repurposed water in a splash pad where people can cool off.

The vote comes after months of discussion between the city and the hydrant's creator, artist Blue Sky.

The city became the owner of Busted Plug after the art piece's previous owners, AgFirst Bank, moved from their location near the hydrant.

City Councilman Moe Baddourah and Sky both agreed the hydrant needed to be displayed prominently and remain as interactive.

Sky says he still has plenty of ideas about the finished product and is working with a group of engineers to find a creative solution.

But what is his ideal, creative solution? He wants the plug to spray water 300 feet away into a nearby pond.

"It's not a playground, it's a work of art and I think it needs to stand on its own, by itself, but I think the two can co-exist, work in tandem," said Sky.

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