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Audit: PPP failed to follow finance, procurement laws


Nearly $4 million given to the state Department of Probation, Pardon, and Parole Services for sentencing reform was used to boost the agency's cash reserve instead of hiring staff, according to an audit of the department.

The Legislative Audit Council's report says the agency failed to follow the law on issues involving human resources, procurement, and finance.

Department spokesperson Peter O'Boyle says none of the money was funneled into the reserves. He says the LAC may have thought no one was being hired with the money due to extraordinarily high turnover in 2012.

He says the agency hired 92 people, but 86 left.

Auditors also found that the department loaned 20 agency computers to a church at no cost and they had no plans to recover the computers at the time of the audit. That's a violation of surplus property and state procurement rules.

O'Boyle says that happened years ago under a previous director and the computers are being returned.

Auditors say PPP also hired unqualified applicants and violated the state procurement code by purchasing items from one source instead of using multiple vendors.

O'Boyle disputed that suggestion.

The LAC says PPP used funds from the ignition interlock device program to pay for program costs, which is prohibited by state law, while under-reporting income and spending in that program.

This audit was requested by a number of state lawmakers and again, it was limited in scope and those are just some of the results.

Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services works to transition criminal offenders back into the community while providing help to victims.

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