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More rains drench water-logged town of North

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More rain is not what the town of North needed on Monday afternoon. A Sunday storm also dumped more than 5 inches of rain on the town. That rain fell fast, flooding streets, homes, and businesses.

Mayor Earl Jeffcoat has admitted that there is a problem with part of the town's drainage system.

"We have talked to engineers in the past," said Jeffcoat. "It's a problem and it's very expensive to correct it."

The state Transportation Department says an engineer was in North inspecting the system Monday morning. They didn't find any issues with the storm water drainage system. It's built to handle what they call a 25-year storm. Sunday's rain exceeded the system's capacity.

Cynthia Drew has lived in the town for the last 26 years. In that time, she's noticed some minor flooding during heavy rains.

"We've had some drainage from rain to last overnight," said Drew.

But Sunday's storm is the kind of downpout that doesn't happen often.

"We've never had it like that before," said Drew. "I didn't think it would ever stop coming."

Between six to nine inches of rain flooded the streets. That water is now gone, only leaving behind patches of washed up debris. But the water is not gone from Drew's yard, which for now, is not so much a yard.

"I guess you would call it a pond, but it's still coming, so I heard. It's draining off into the side yard and backyard," said Drew.

Drew says she's keeping a close eye on the weather, hoping that her waterlogged yard drains a bit as it continues to rain.

"As long as it says out of the house, I'll be pretty happy," said Drew.

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