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Rain causing problems for some crops, but helping others


The sun was finally shining again over Monty Rast's farm in Cameron after several waves of heavy rainfall  in the last 24 hours.

Rast grows a variety of crops. And with 40 years of experience, he keeps one thought in mind: moderation

"We're always leery of the fact that too much of anything is not going to be good," he said.

Crops that are already actively growing thrive when there's a heavy rain. However the ones that haven't had a chance to push up through the ground yet, they struggle.

"It's detrimental to getting that crop out of the ground," said Rast."It expends a lot of energy trying to come trough that hard packed soil."

In May, Rast planted peanuts. Some had a chance surface, but others will fight to break through after all the rain. Rast said some of his peanuts may have to be replanted but he's hoping the rest will be strong enough for harvest in the fall.

Agriculture officials say much of the rain we've seen is nurturing for crops.

"Well it replenishes the water tables and many of our farmers plan on those water tables to irrigate their crops whether its from a pond or other surface water source," said SC Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers.

Something Rast says can cut back on costs in the field.

"Normally we irrigate and when we don't have to irrigate it saves money and nature takes its course," he said.

Rast said he has learned to adhere to since Mother Nature tends to have a mind of her own.

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