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Heavy rain leaves sinkholes in Aiken County

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Neal Leftwich said he was sleeping when a massive storm hit the CSRA on Sunday evening.

"It's good sleeping weather and I went to bed," Leftwich said. "I got up in the morning and see what we got."

What he saw he couldn't believe. A part of Lynwood Drive, in Clearwater, collapsed from the heavy rain, causing a sinkhole. 

"Our little calm little stream in our backyard just went rouge," said Leftwich.

South Carolina Department of Transportation put up barricades on Lynwood Drive, preventing the flow of traffic.

Just a few streets over, an even larger sinkhole, on Cherokee Drive at Belevedere-Clearwater Road, could be found.

Similar to the sinkhole on Lynwood, not much held up the asphalt and the side of the road is crumbled.

People trying to get through had to turn their cars around and find an alternate route.

South Carolina highway patrol said the following roads will be closed this week because of construction.

Aiken County Road Closures

  • Lynwood Drive
  • Cherokee Drive
  • Willow Lane
  • Five Notch Road at Pisgah Road
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