Juror: "Three families were destroyed...it was a hard decision"

Juror 111 speaks about the case.
Juror 111 speaks about the case.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Jurors leaving the Richland County Courthouse shortly after delivering a guilty verdict in the Brett Parker trial said the defense did not deliver enough evidence to persuade them the defendant was innocent.

"I think he should have gotten a better defense attorney," said Jennifer Leonard, an alternate juror. "They didn't represent him very well and the evidence kind of spoke for itself."

"The prosecutors had a lot of evidence," said Leonard. "It just made the decision unanimous based on the forensics and all of the evidence that was shown to us."

A woman who prefers to go by 'Juror 111,' agreed. "His defense attorney in opening statements told us that he was going to provide something that he didn't," she said. "They didn't provide what I was expecting them to provide."

The gravity of the situation and the three week trial made it difficulty for Juror 111 to make her decision. "Three families have been destroyed. Kids have been destroyed," she said. "It was hard, it was a hard decision."

Leonard said Parker's daughter on the stand was particularly poignant. "The daughter on the stand. That kind of hit home for me," she said. "She's 14, she's innocent and to go to that length to do anything to have your daughter lie for you, I think that weighed a lot. I will say the prosecutors were very tasteful when presenting that. they didn't go the full length with her. They just kind of took that up with him.

Juror 111 said the hardest part for her was thinking of Parker's daughter listening to her parents' infidelity and seeing the autopsy reports.

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