Perspective: Election Fiasco

As if it weren't bad enough that Lillian McBride left thousands of disenfranchised voters in last November's election mess, now those same taxpayers may get stuck with her legal bills too.

Richland County Council is considering payment of legal fees related to discerning just what went wrong, including costs for an attorney who renegotiated McBride's new job with the county after she was forces to resign as elections director. She should pay her own legal fees, and neither County Council nor Richland County taxpayers should pay to clean up the election office's mess. That office should be held accountable for the expense of investigating the debacle and defending against lawsuits. They failed to administer the duties of conducting an election process and should bear the costs of bungling that process.

The aftermath of this election fiasco just doesn't seem to end. Even the search for McBride's replacement as elections director has been a circus. Public confidence and trust are breached, and it will be a double whammy if voters have to suffer through the worst bungled election process in Richland County history and pay to clean it up as well.

That's my perspective, what's yours?

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