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Teen hopeful for pricey treatment to help medical condition

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It's easy to fall in love with Ashley Delaney the moment you meet her. She's hard working, friendly, and standing strong  even when faced with the unknown.

"I think the scariest part about it is when you go to try and fix it," said Delaney. "And then there so many problems in the way to get it fixed but you know that if you don't get it fixed it's going to be permanent."

Delaney suffers from reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a chronic systemic disease characterized by severe pain, swelling, and changes in the skin.

"There's not one spot on my arm that doesn't hurt," she said.

It's caused her to completely lose the use of her right arm.

Boston Children's Hospital offers a program with about an 85% success rate for treating RSD, but it costs nearly $50,000 dollars.  Delaney's father said they just found out Monday their insurance doesn't cover it.

"Not something where I can pay them 500 a month for the rest of my life," said Doug Delaney. "It has to be paid up front."

And time is of the essence.

"She's determined she wants her life back," said her mother, Kelly Delaney. "That's what I want for her."

The program only takes five patients at time and right now Delaney's name remains at the top of the list as the family scrambles to raise the funds.

Her ROTC instructor Colonel Jay Seward is also doing everything he can to help get to the family to Boston.

"ROTC is about relationships because those are things that get people through problems," said Seward. "Those are things that keep kids in school and so you know that's why the lord put me here and that's kind of the reason this is important to do at least the little bit that I can."

And Delaney is hoping to get the treatment underway.

"I know that I've done nothing wrong and it's just something, a part of life that kind makes me stronger," she said. "And even if I don't have the answers that's okay."

To help the Delaney family, call 269-6872 or by email at delaney1772@hotmail.com.

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