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Lizard’s Thicket pays $1,500 penalty, back wages

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A Columbia restaurant chain has a $1,500 penalty for employees not being paid for hours worked.

Based on information WIS received through a Freedom of Information Act request, an anonymous complaint given to the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation discovered that nine employees at an Irmo area Lizard's Thicket were not paid for an hour each day they worked for about a month.  

The employees were told to not clock in for 30 minutes when arriving to work, and then told to clock out 30 minutes at the end of the shift while they completed side work, the report states.

A LLR investigator contacted restaurant CEO Bobby Williams who said he was not aware the restaurant manager was not paying employees.

LLR discovered that for the April 18 pay date, eight employees were not paid for time, totaling $65.03 in wages. Then for pay date May 2, seven employees were not paid, totaling $79.47 in unpaid wages.

LLR said the employees are due wages, and the restaurant must pay $1,500.

"This incident was an unfortunate mistake by the management at one of our locations, and at the time, our owners and corporate office weren't aware of the situation," Williams said. "This is not, nor has it ever been, a practice of Lizard's Thicket and when we became aware of the error, the affected employees were certainly compensated and we cooperated with LLR.  Our employees and their well-being are very important and valuable to our 35 –year-old, family-owned business."

Lizard's Thicket said Friday the check to pay $1,5000 has been mailed to LLR.

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