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Witness: Tammy Parker also had affair

Ben Staples faces cross-examination Wednesday. (Source: Jack Kuenzie) Ben Staples faces cross-examination Wednesday. (Source: Jack Kuenzie)

Prosecutors representing the State of South Carolina have rested their case against Brett Parker.

A friend of Tammy Jo Parker testified Wednesday that he was intimate with the 44-year-old while she was married to double-murder suspect Brett Parker.

The revelation comes just days after Brett Parker admitted he had a girlfriend on the side.

Ben Staples said his friendship with Tammy Jo eventually became intimate. They remained best friends after that relationship was over.

Staples was one of several prosecution witnesses who testified in the double-murder trial of Brett Parker.

Staples, who was hostile at times while on the stand, testified that Tammy Jo told him she was unhappy in her marriage to Brett. Staples got to know Brett through Tammy.

When defense attorney David Fedor asked Staples to describe the affair he had with Tammy Parker, Staples said, "Why would you attack Mrs. Parker as the victim in this case, Mr. Fedor?"

He said he spoke with Tammy just 38 minutes before the April 19, 2012 murders in the Parkers' Ascot Estates home that ended with Bryan Capnerhurst and Tammy Jo dead.

The prosecution says Brett killed both of them. The defense contends Bryan Capnerhurst killed Tammy Jo and Brett killed him in self-defense.

Staples says Brett was extremely calm when contacted a few hours after shootings, but in the days and weeks following the incident his stories began changing. He says he believed Brett at first until it became evident his story was "full of holes."

According to Staples, Brett called him at least 10 times asking him to change his statement about whether he knew about an insurance payoff after his wife's death.

Staples handled the Parkers' taxes and finances after killings. Tammy's Met Life insurance policy paid $868,000 and her 401K paid almost $200,000, according to testimony.

Other witnesses to testify Wednesday included Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott and a Richland County Sheriff's Department investigator.

Lott testified he met personally with Parker six times for questioning.

"During this whole conversation I kept telling him that we had to make things fit," Lott told the court. "That his version had to fit what the evidence showed and when we sat at his kitchen table the very first time and I said his story just did not fit the evidence. That he was trying to take a square peg and fit it into a round hole and it just did not fit."

Jack Kuenzie continues to follow this case and will be in the courtroom until a verdict is reached. Follow him on Twitter: @JKuenzie.

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