Woman brags about hit-and-run on Twitter, cops tweet back

(RNN) - A British woman who claimed to have hit a cyclist, then drove off tweeted about it. But then the cops tweeted back.

Emma Way, who goes by the Twitter handle @emmaway20, tweeted: "Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier – I have right of way, he doesn't even pay road tax! #bloodycyclists"

The tweet got out to enough people that it eventually made its way to the local police, who politely demanded that she turn herself in.

"@emmaway20 we have had tweets [referencing a Road Traffic Collision]. We suggest you report it at a police station ASAP if not already & then [direct message] us."

According to ipayroadtax.com, a British website that advocates for better access to roads for cyclists, the tweet angered several people on Twitter and the message eventually made its way to the Norwich Police.

The story caught on and several British news outlets have reported it, including the BBC, which tracked down 29-year-old Toby Hockley, the cyclist who is believed to have been the victim of the hit and run.

"A car came tearing round the blind corner and narrowly missed a cyclist in front of me," Hockley told the BBC. "She came on to my side of the road, I took the wing mirror off and I went flying off my bike into a hedge."

He added: "She hit me hard, really hard. I am lucky to be alive."

Way's employers were also contacted about the incident, which prompted them to issue a public statement.

"We are taking the incidents very seriously, and a full and detailed investigation will be carried out and appropriate action taken. We have already spoken to Norfolk Police," said the accounting firm Way works at, according to ipayroadtaxes.com.

Way, however, has remained quiet. Her twitter account has been deleted and there has been no word on whether she turned herself in.

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