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Testimony reveals Parker's debts, failing marriage


A restaurant owner who got snagged in a gambling probe that grew out of the Brett Parker double murder investigation took the stand, as the trial entered its third week. 

The juror heard testimony Monday morning from Lanny Ray Gunter, who is currently serving federal prison time after pleading guilty to a gambling charge, about six months ago.

Gunter is a well-known business owner in the Columbia area, and one of the three men to face federal charges as Richland County Authorities dove further into the circumstances that led to the fatal shootings inside Brett Parker's home in April 2012.

Some of the help Gunter provided gave investigators a deeper look into Parker's gambling debts and his marriage.

Gunter said Parker owed him $176,000 from his gambling.

According to Gunter, Parker was paying off that debt by $5,000 or $10,000 a month.

Gunter also said Parker admitted he wanted out of a failing marriage to Tammy Parker.

"He said they were having some issues, and he knew that I had some rental properties and asked me if I had anything open that he could rent, short-term," said Gunter.

Gunter also testified that Parker told him at the end of November that he wanted out of his marriage. Gunter advised Parker to stick it out until after the holidays.  

Also two of Bryan Capnerhurst coworkers and close friends took the stand, both describing Capnerhurst as a reliable, meticulous and hardworking family man who worked multiple jobs so he could pay for his daughter's education.

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