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Boston bombing victim comes home

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Boston Marathon Bombing victim Nicole Gross is back home in Charlotte. 

Gross along with her husband returned from Boston Saturday with cheers, tears and hugs from her supporters.

"I just felt an outpour of love and support," Gross said. "Walking through that small hallway to get to the big room and seeing so many people I love."

Her family says Gross has come a long way.

Gross says she is now in Phase 3 of her recovery. 

In the explosion, Gross broke both her legs and tore her achilles tendon. 

She's been in the hospital for more than a month.

"I think I am at a point in my life," Gross said. "Where now it's all positive.

I know there will be some setbacks but I think the moment of walking through the doors kind of reconfirms that it's time to be home and start the healing."

Her friends are amazed to see how much she has healed.

"It never occurred to me she'd be walking in to see us," Friend Nancy Crown said. "

I was sure she would be in a wheelchair. She looks great. She is mobile. When I think what she has been through and to be mobile already."

Gross' relatives believe there is a lesson to learn from this bombing.

"It just goes to show strength of the American people," Brother-in-law Jeff Gross said. "That we are resilient to these types of incidents."

Gross' husband was also injured in the bombing.  He suffered burns. 

Both now wear "B Strong" paraphernalia as a symbol they have what it takes to move on.

"We're just fortunate to have our lives," Gross said. "And continue in a new life path whatever that's going to end up being."

"A lot of people have asked," Husband Michael Gross said. "How can you remain so positive. How are you able to be so strong for this.

The only way to do it is from the support that we have received not just here but in Boston, Knoxville across the country and beyond.

It's very overwhelming and that's one thing that has kept our spirits high."

The couple believes this experience has brought them closer together.

"We're pretty amazing right now," Gross said. "To go through something like this has changed our relationship for the better for the rest of our lives."

There will be a fundraiser for the couple. 

It's called the "Be Strong, Stay Strong" Benefit Reception.  It will be held June 26th at Charlotte City Club from 6 to 9 PM. Tickets are $100 if you buy them before June 15th.


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