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Family offers reward after loved one dies in nursing home

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Margaret Parker's injuries prior to her death Margaret Parker's injuries prior to her death

As SLED agents continue working to track down the person or people who may know what happened to 90-year-old Margaret Parker, her children banded together and put up a $5,000 reward.

Parker died after suffering severe injuries at a nursing home.

SLED is investigating the case as an assault, but still has not closed the investigation and has not named any suspects.

Parker's family is looking for any piece of information that could help SLED put someone in jail.

"We just feel, if this is the step that we have to take to uncover this, that's what we're willing to do," said Parker's daughter Helen Still.

Still and her brother, John Christmas think someone knows what happened to their mother last September. Medics picked her up from the Kingstree Nursing Facility.

"She had bruises pretty much on every part of her body," said Still.

X-rays also showed Parker had a broken bone. Her leg bone was broken off from her hip.

Still said when her family got to the nursing home, her mother was behaving differently toward them.

"She was absolutely scared to death," said Still. "She had been traumatized. She did state in the emergency room that she had been hit."

The family immediately documented everything.

"We took pictures," said Christmas. "She was just afraid and kind of a crying mode most all the time. Whatever happened to her, it really done a job on her."

WIS Started investigating this case. We went to the Kingstree Nursing Facility and spoke with administrator Candy Slavinski.

"I can tell you that we have cooperated with the local authorities and we have completed our in-house investigation," she said.  But she could not release the findings of the investigation to WIS.

Parker's family says they have heard nothing from the nursing home about its investigation.

"We did go over to the nursing home and they assured us they were taking polygraphs," said Still. "At one point, they did say they felt like they had it narrowed down, but we have had no further information from the nursing home whatsoever."

Still and Christmas took $5,000 from their bank accounts hoping it will buy them answers.

"I'm sure there are feelings that maybe they may be betraying someone, but what we have to focus on is doing the right thing and the right thing is bringing to justice someone who has done something like this to a very elderly woman," said Still.

"Unless it happens to the individual, there's detachment," said Christmas. People don't want to get involved. Money speaks."

Christmas said SLED agents plan to turn the investigation over to the Williamsburg County solicitor next week.

If you know anything about this case, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-Crime-SC.

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