Coroner: Brett Parker's mother asked "Did Brett kill Tammy?" - - Columbia, South Carolina

Coroner: Brett Parker's mother asked "Did Brett kill Tammy?"


Testimony in the Brett Parker double murder trial continued on Tuesday and mostly focused on DNA and fingerprint evidence.

More than a half dozen investigators and tech experts with the Richland County Sheriff's Department testified on how they worked the scene of the Ascot Estates crime.

Techs testified on gunshot residue tests performed on all three people involved in the incident. One tech in particular noted GSR was found on Brett, his wife, Tammy Jo, and his business associate, Bryan Capnerhurst.

Tammy and Capnerhurst were killed at Brett's home back in April 2012.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts also took the stand to discuss how he handled Tammy and Bryan's bodies.

Watts also spoke of an exchange he heard between Brett Parker's mother and another person at the scene of the crime.

"Did Brett kill Tammy?" said the mother, according to Watts.

Watts also described his first encounter with Parker.

"He was drinking some type of drink, Gatorade, water, or something. He was spitting; spitting a lot. He had almost a gag reflex. He didn't throw up. It was just some sort of a reflex action. When I first arrived to the top of the driveway and he was drinking his water and stuff, he was upset and said he had just killed his best friend," said Watts.

But watts says Brett made no reference to the fact that his wife had just been shot dead.

Prosecutors also showed the jury a security tape taken outside the home that showed Brett on the telephone with a 911 operator. The 911 tape was also played.

In the 911 tape, a very shaken Brett tells the operator that his wife was killed by Capnerhurst. 

Following the airing of the tapes, Judge DeAndrea Benjamin dismissed the trial for the day.

Testimony was scheduled to restart Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

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