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Investigator: Brett Parker had no blood on his clothing

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After a three day break, the Brett Parker double murder trial is back in session and Monday's testimony brought Richland County's lead crime scene investigator back to the witness stand.

Parker is on trial for the April 2012 murders of his wife, Tammy Jo Parker, and gambling partner Bryan Capnerhurst.  

A good portion of CSI Sgt. Stan Richards' testimony was informative, but not dramatic.

Sgt. Richards got into details about bullets found in the walls and how many times the victims had been hit.

Richards also detailed the type of ammunition used, fingerprints, gunshot residue, blood on the Capnerhurst's clothes, gunshot residue found on window blinds, and the cash found in the Parker's home safe.

However, Richards did reveal that Parker did not have any blood on the clothing collected from him shortly after the murders.

"I checked the clothing that I was given to check and I was informed that was the clothing he was wearing that day," said Richards.

The prosecution is trying to stitch together the pieces of its case, which alleges Brett Parker murdered his wife, then lay in wait for Capnerhurst to show up to collect what he thought would be a large amount of money owed to him by Brett Parker.

Defense attorneys objected a number of times, complaining some of the evidence being introduced was excessive and therefore prejudicial.

Attorney Mark Whitlark was waiting to tear into the witness, claiming the crime scene had been contaminated by the many investigators who pored over the grisly scene.

However, testimony ended on odd note as the judge adjourned the court after a juror became sick.

The prosecution was going to show 3D image of the crime scene and was previewing it for Judge DeAndrea Benjamin prior to this announcement.

Parker got visibly upset when they put the images of his wife's body on the screen and he was asked to sit back down.

The defense objected on grounds that this evidence is highly prejudicial since they have already shown pictures of the crime scene.

The prosecution argued that the photo allowed the jurors to a have a more realistic view of the crime scene and allows them to see if the police did their job properly.

Judge Benjamin said she will rule on this in the morning. Testimony resumes Tuesday morning.

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