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Jury wraps up week one of Brett Parker trial


The jury that will decide Brett Parker's fate has heard less than two days of testimony -- a fraction of the case lined up by prosecutors trying to put him in prison for life.

Some of the evidence has been graphic. Crime scene photos introduced Thursday afternoon show the two victims, Parker's wife Tammy and business partner Bryan Capnerhurst, in pools of blood on the floor of the Parker home after they were each shot multiple times at close range.

The state hopes other pictures raise questions about Parker's explanation.

Parker claims Capnerhurst entered the home, killed Tammy, then turned his weapon on her husband after he ran upstairs. It was there, Parker says, he grabbed a shotgun pistol from the top of a home safe, whirled, and cut down Capnerhurst.

But investigators say Parker could have easily had a gun in his hand before the confrontation.

The loaded .38 Parker knew was in the downstairs bathroom, a few feet from where he says he was when the first shots rang out.

Parker's attorneys tried to block the use of some of the photos. Too many could be prejudicial, the defense said. But the state says the jury needed to know this is one of many parts of Parker's story that doesn't add up.

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