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Identity of man killed after high speed chase released

Jason Bradley Slaughter (Source: Gregg County Jail) Jason Bradley Slaughter (Source: Gregg County Jail)

One person has died after a crash during a high speed chase near White Oak.

According to White Oak police, the Jason Bradley Slaughter, 36, of Kaufman, was pulled over in the Brookshire's parking lot after an off-duty officer called in to report a reckless driver. After stopping for a short time, Slaughter took off, leading police on a high speed chase down Highway 80 towards Gladewater.

Slaughter had a long arrest history in Gregg, Smith and Henderson counties, including previous evading charges. Authorities say the reason he ran this time is likely because the car he was driving was stolen.

"The owner of the vehicle, she was attempting to report her car as stolen from a local motel," says Longview police officer Kristie Brian.

"I think the officer talked to him 30 seconds at the most. Our officer asked him if he had any problem with him. the suspect stated no. Then put the car in drive and fled," says White Oak assistant police chief Terry Roach.

Going over 100 miles per hour, Slaughter attempted to make a hard turn at Texas street in Clarksville City, rolling numerous times, striking the guy wire on a utility pole.

Killed instantly.

"2 White Oak officers in pursuit. failed to complete the corner which caused his vehicle to roll... died from his injuries," Roach says.

Police found 10 grams of meth-amphetamine in the wrecked car.

Witnesses at a nearby business say they saw sparks when the vehicle hit the wires.

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