Sistercare honors two women who escaped abusive situations - - Columbia, South Carolina

Sistercare honors two women who escaped abusive situations


Sistercare honored two women who have shown tremendous hope and courage during difficult times at their 7th Annual Women of the Year event on Tuesday.

One of the women honored was Melanie Warner, who's story begins when a Sheriff's deputy handed her the number for Sistercare.

"I was scared to death, but all I could think about was my kids," said Warner.

She picked up the phone and started the process towards court-ordered protection and puttng herself first. She's now in school and slated to finish her Associate's Degree next year.

"I'm happy with what I have now," said Warner.

Second honoree Tavita Calixto left for her son, but has found a whole new world for herself in the process.

"I didn't want for him to grow up in that situation, seeing his father argue all the time, you know, his father hitting his mother, it wasn't going to be a good life for him," said Calixto. "I want the best for him."

The young mother just became a United States citizen in February and continues to makes strides on a daily basis.

"There is a lot of women who have the same problems, but they need to know that there is somebody there," said Calixto. "Sistercare can help them and they can get out for themselves and for their kids."

Sistercare knows so often stories of the resilience of women like Calixto and Warner don't have always have happy endings.

"South Carolina ranks number two in the nation of women killed by men," said Sistercare's Audrey Brown. "This small, little state is second in our nation and through the courageous stories of these women and them being willing to share their stories and through the services at Sistercare, we are helping to break that cycle because number one is not where we want to be in this."

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