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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Vicious fight in downtown Augusta


A vicious fight between a group of young adults happened in downtown Augusta early in the morning on April 27.

The brawl was caught on camera and we must warn you that the video is disturbing.

A video posted to YouTube shows people outside the New Moon Café beating each other and women being thrown to the ground.

The fight lasts for two and a half minutes and ends when someone fires what sounds like a gun.

Solomon Smith found the video online and he wasn't surprised by what he saw.

"There's just so much violence, people are scared to come out nowadays," he said.

As Smith watched the video he said, "This is crazy, a bunch of people jump on two or three people."

Margaret Woodard, the Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority, thinks the viral fight sends a bad message about the safety of downtown.

"Alarming, not good for downtown," said Woodard.  

About two weeks passed before Woodard and the Richmond County Sheriff's Office learned about the brawl. They say there were no 911 calls and no one filed a police report so they didn't know it happened until they saw it online.

Woodard says she's working to secure tax dollars to buy security cameras. She hopes that will make downtown safer.

"SPLOST money for security cameras on the new traffic signals," Woodard, explained.  

Woodard says she's meeting with Sheriff Richard Roundtree on Wednesday to see how they can keep this from happening again.

Smith also thinks it's time to step up security and he hopes the city will make the streets safer.

"You just can't ever have fun anymore nowadays without something always happening. I just hope it gets better in due time instead of worse," said Smith.

Deputies say they haven't arrested anyone involved in the fight.

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