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Abandoned house upsets residents

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People in the Murraywood community of Irmo are tired of an abandoned home that's become an eyesore.

They say they take good care of their homes and that their property values are now being affected by as much as $20,000.

"Over the past five years it's just gone from bad to worse," said Stacey Schmidt, who lives next door.

Neighbors say when the owners moved out, it turned into a rental property and then about a year ago, everything came to a halt.

"Why are we investing so much time into making our house nice and you just going to let it go like this?" asked Jennifer Metcalf.

It's also a huge safety concern for residents. And the gate is wide open. Anyone can walk through. A a rusty dryer, an old car, and a graffiti-filled pool house are on the other side. But the swamp-filled swimming pool is what neighbors say creates a real hazard.

"As you can see the mosquitoes from that swimming pool that concerns me as a health issue," said Schmidt. "We also have a lot of small children in the neighborhood. God forbid a child were to fall in that pool."

The house is also unsecured, which means anyone could decide to stop inside and stay.

"It's open to anyone that wants to go in here, and that's not a good thing to happen in any town any community," said Ted Kreipe.

Neighbors have contacted the Lexington County Sheriff's Department for code enforcement, but haven't gotten very far. WIS reached out to them and were provided with a statement that says the house is in foreclosure, the former owner no longer feels responsible, and the bank has to wait to be granted possession of the property. 

The department also says treatment for the pool falls under DHEC.

The folks we spoke with have a message for the owners:

"If someone would please get it cleaned up and get it sealed up," said Schmidt. "I'd love to see it fixed up and sold to a nice family that would be what I would love to see."

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