New video of Tammy Parker surfaces - - Columbia, South Carolina

New video of Tammy Parker surfaces


In a new video obtained by WIS, we get another glimpse at Tammy Parker's life as she performs with her band Jumpstart nearly 10 years ago.

The band's web site says her talent and showmanship was balanced with an amazing voice.
From the oldies, to beach music.

The band says Parker was "a down home country beauty queen" and on this particular fall night in 2003, her Gamecocks were playing on TV. Her love of Carolina, matching what's on display in the video, her love of people. 

Her band mates saying, "One minute she'll be leading the Electric Slide, ad the next minute making grown men cry with a ballad."

A young mother to a little girl, in one of her last performances as a full time member of the band just before starting a new career in pharmaceuticals sales. 

Still not knowing what would come in the years to come as she sang Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive."

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