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Brett Parker could face two different trials

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Brett Parker, the man accused of the murder of two people at his Ascot Estates home, is getting ready to head to trial, but what we may not know for several days is whether he will face one or two trials.

Brett last appeared in court on Monday to face the murder charges in the case of his wife, Tammy Parker, and Bryan Capnerhurst . His attorneys fought for and won a one week delay after filing motions indicating they are considering arguing their client shot and killed Capnerhurst in self-defense under the state's Stand Your Ground law.

Judge Deandrea Benjamin granted the delay so the defense would have time to examine information turned over by the solicitor's office shortly before Monday's hearing. Some of that evidence could be central to the self-defense claim.

But defense attorney Dave Fedor told us that when the court re-convenes, there's no guarantee Brett's side will actually argue the Stand Your Ground issue. That appears likely to be decided this coming Monday.

Prosecutors could choose to do an end run around the Stand Your Ground matter and focus immediately only on a more clear cut murder case against Brett. That might mean dealing with the Capnerhurst killing in a separate trial.

Fedor says it would be extremely difficult for the state to divide the cases. A source close to the prosecution says it can be done by instructing the jury to disregard references to events involving Capnerhurst.

The defense believes whether the two killings are prosecuted together or separately, the court will at least try to begin jury selection next Wednesday or Thursday.

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