DOR: Tax refund owed to Target customers who were overcharged

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - An investigation by the state Revenue Department shows Target jumped the gun when it came to implementing Richland County's new penny sales tax initiative.

In the beginning of April, we spoke to several Target customers who told us the store had already begun to charge the extra tax when they weren't supposed to until May 1.

On Monday, DOR said the retailer owed customers a refund.

"The retailer is responsible for reimbursing the taxpayer or consumer for the tax that was improperly collected," said Revenue Department representative Samantha Cheek.

Target told us in a statement that guests who have questions regarding the sales tax should go to the store's guest services counter.

When we checked receipts today, customers were charged the correct 7 percent sales tax.

Customers we spoke with aren't looking forward to the increase that comes Wednesday in Richland County.

"The economy the way it is, everybody works hard and then they increase the taxes and they don't put the money where it ought to be, and it's a real heartaches on everybody," said customer Linda Headley.

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