Perspective: Tiger Woods

While it's good to see Tiger Woods back on his game, I think the new series of Nike ads featuring him with the slogan "winning takes care of everything" sends the wrong message.

Athletic prowess, focus and a winning spirit are admirable… Winning at any cost is not. Tiger Woods' golf skills took him to #1 in the world, but in the process he made some personal missteps that cost him his marriage, sponsorships and professional ranking.

Anyone who was a Tiger Woods fan is glad to see him back in form and playing well…its good for the game, his fans and his sponsors. But to suggest that just getting his game back makes everything else  he did okay is just  inappropriate. We have a tendency to absolve popular figures of their past misdemeanors if it means they can once again serve or entertain us, but Tiger paid a high price for his fumbles, and I hope he can get back on track in both his professional and personal life.

That's my perspective. What's yours?

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