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Shut out by adults, teen organizes youth technology conference

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Kevin Rabinovich organized TEDx Youth Conference Kevin Rabinovich organized TEDx Youth Conference

15-year-old Kevin Rabinovich has a passion for computers and technology. Saturday he hosted the 2nd annual TEDx Youth Conference.

"TEDx Youth Conference Columbia SC is an annual for youth by youth conference and in fact Columbia's only youth conference which aims to spread innovative and fresh ideas to youth in the Midlands," he said.

TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. TEDx conferences are held in many major cities across the world.

Two years ago Rabinovich tried to get into Columbia's conference. He was told he was too young. So he started his own.

"So I said, 'How difficult could that be?' And I tried my first TEDx conference and last year we had four speakers and two performers and it was held at AC Flora high school."

This year, it was held at IT-oLogy with 11 speakers and four performers. 

"Kevin is very much a high achiever, very good natured young man and yet very capable at directing and leading this crowd of high achievers," said presenter Joe Long.

 The goal of the conference is to share and inspire innovative ideas.

"I believe it's very important because it gives people a voice to spread their own ideas," said an AC Flora student who attended.

"Even if you're really young you can do great things," said another attendee.

"It's good to see the motivated, focused and highly capable members of the next generation who are quite eager to pick up and carry on," said Long.

Rabinovich worked with a team of 12 other students to put together the conference. He said he's already thinking about next year.

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