Perspective: A WIS editorial on Stay Safe Online Week

This week is "Stay Safe Online Week" at WIS News 10.  All week long we have been investigating and alerting you to the dangers of Internet crime against children.

We've spoken to the attorney general and members of the Internet Crimes Against Children task force, or ICAC, about how to protect the most vulnerable in our society from online predators. ICAC specializes in investigating child pornography and cases of sexual exploitation of minors.

State Attorney General Alan Wilson, says "Children are no longer just molested on playgrounds. They can now be molested through the use of the Internet." Chat rooms, gaming and social media sites are all used to lure young children into sexual exploitation.

This Friday, WIS partners with the attorney general's office for a town hall forum on this topic at Meadow Glen Middle School in Lexington at 7pm.  Social media experts will be on hand to give children and parents tips for detecting dangers and protecting their families. As one investigator told us, "I would never rely solely on software to protect my child. Nothing beats a parent being vigilant."

That's my perspective.