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Common law enforcement situations can lead to PTSD


The common situations law enforcement officers handle everyday can often lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Some people think this is a sexy, glamorous job and it's not," said Capt. Lancy Weeks, a worker at the Victims Services Division at the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

Weeks has been at this for 25 years. She's usually the first on-scene to see how deputies are coping when shots are fired or to help them deal with the loss of a colleague.

In her experience, holding in the pain is what leads to the breakdown. If they are willing, she helps each one design a treatment plan to get to the root of problem.

"They are provided with coping skills education on trauma and how to recover," said Weeks. "There's also a mental health portion that goes along with that as well, but is all confidential."

Sheriff Leon Lott, whose been a mentor to Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott, spoke out on his behalf. He says even though things may look dark now, he knows this is not the end for his friend.

"There is not doubt in my mind once he gets this under control -- and he's working toward that every single day -- he'll be back," said Lott.

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