New details on Chief Randy Scott's leave of absence - - Columbia, South Carolina

City paid nearly $52,000 toward Chief Randy Scott's retirement

Chief Randy Scott Chief Randy Scott

Documents show the City of Columbia paid nearly $52,000 toward Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott's retirement fund.

On Friday, city officials released more details on Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott's "indefinite" leave of absence.

Among the documents released was a Member Service Payment Invoice for the South Carolina Retirement Systems in Scott's name dated from September 2012. That invoice listed a required member payment of $51,861 which was authorized by Steven Gantt, who was the city manager at the time.

The payment was made by the city to purchase just over 34 months of retirement service credit, which allowed Scott to collect retirement benefits after he was rehired 15 days after retiring at the end of December.

According to documents WIS received from the city, Scott was paid for one-fifth of his unused sick leave and all unused annual leave in keeping with the city's policy when he retired.

When he was re-hired in January, the city again renewed the time they give department heads.

Every department head hired received three weeks of annual leave and three weeks of sick leave. Scott used annual leave and 8 hours of holiday time the week before he took the leave of absence to be off that entire week before the April 1 request.

Scott still has three weeks of paid leave left to use. The city still hasn't said when he will return.

Scott requested the leave of absence on April 1. That's when his Facebook page disappeared and Ruben Santiago was named acting chief.

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