Freddie Grant to be sentenced on ammunition charge

Freddie Grant
Freddie Grant
Gabbiee Swainson
Gabbiee Swainson

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Freddie Grant, the prime suspect in the kidnapping of 14-year-old Gabbiee Swainson, will be sentenced in federal court Thursday on ammunition charges.

Investigators believe Grant kidnapped Gabbiee from her northeast Richland County home in August. He still refuses to work with authorities on the disappearance.

Both Sheriff Leon Lott and Gabbiee's mother, Elvia Swainson, plan to be the sentencing. He faces 15 to life. It will keep Grant behind bars, giving the county more time on their case.

Lott says an offer for leniency in exchange for Gabbiee's whereabouts was made, but he says Grant did not bite at the offer.

"There's been talks through his attorney about what the state, what the Solicitor's Office, and what the Sheriff's office has been willing to offer in exchange for him telling us where Gabbiee's at," said Lott. "That offer has been made. He hasn't accepted."

Nearly 8 months after Gabbiee disappeared, Lott says the county is ready to bring the case to court.

"We could go to court today," said Lott. "We're ready. We're prepared. The forensics are in, our leads have been followed up, we've done all the work, so we're ready to go, but we don't have to go right now, and that's the key.

So they're waiting, and won't bring this before a judge unless forced by Grant's attorney for a speedy trial.

"We found her DNA in his house and we have a pretty good idea of when and where and what he's done to her and that's what we're prepared to go prove," said Lott. "We have the forensic evidence along with other evidence that we feel we can prove our case without a shadow of a doubt."

It appears kidnapping will not be the only charge Grant could face. More serious charges may be yet to come.

"The solicitor and I have talked about it at some point there may be additional charges on him. There's a period of time we have to wait, and the clock is ticking on that," said Lott.

Sheriff's investigators are still asking the community for tips, anything they may have seen that could lead investigators to Gabbiee.

"It's never too late to call us with any kind of tips," said Lott.

The case remains active, just like Adriana Laster's disappearance who also had connections to Grant. Like Lott, Elgin Police believe charges may eventually be coming in Laster's case.

"I firmly believe he's been involved in at least one, maybe two other deaths -- two other murders, I think he's responsible for those too," said Lott.

Both the Sheriff's Department and the Elgin Police say anyone with information about either case is urged to call Crimestoppers.

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