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Bomb investigators faced with difficult task to reconstruct explosive

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With subtle, precise movements a bomb squad robot can find and remove just about any suspicious item. It's an invaluable tool authorities around the country use to keep their officers safe.

But sometimes, bomb makers succeed, changing the mission from removal to reconstruction.

"Absolutely that's something we try to prepare for every day, including the people that work around us who may encounter it before we get on scene so that they know what to look for," said Sgt. David Linfert, Richland County's Bomb Squad commander.

Linfert says authorities in Boston have a 12 block crime scene to search. He says the idea is to work backward; in essence, rebuilding the bomb. In doing so, Linfert says, they recover valuable evidence.

"You can actually recover quite a bit of evidence," said Linfert. "It's been done many times before. Oklahoma City, the first World Trade Center bombing. They were able to put those bombs back together basically with the evidence they collected and tie it back to suspects to make arrests. It can be done, it just takes a lot of time and teamwork."

It also takes plenty of research. Bomb-making techniques change all the time, but Linfert says bomb makers leave something behind that sheds light on where and how the devices were made in most cases.

"It's quite amazing, and if you do the research on those previous incidents, it's mind-boggling on what they collected, where they found it, and how they put it back together exactly," said Linfert.

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