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Midlands Runner on Boston Marathon: "I just wish it had a different outcome."

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More chaos for some of the South Carolina runners who were in Boston during Monday's bombing as they made their way home. They faced tougher security and more threats.

Julia Early was just one of the many South Carolinians who was at the event. She described the eerie silence following the Boston explosion.

"You had all the noise from all the runners, and there's music and fans and all of a sudden it was just silence and everybody was just looking at each other," said Early.

She'd finished the race and was getting her bag just blocks away.

"I said to the girl next to me, 'What was that?', and she said, 'I don't know. Sounded like a cannon,' and it happened again and there was a bigger cloud of smoke behind it and the guy behind me said, 'That's not a cannon. That smoke is not what you would see come out of a cannon,' he said, 'That's a bomb.' That was an explosion," said Early.

Quickly, she says Boston turned into a war zone. "Sirens started going off and police cars and fire trucks and they're scattering people into the street," said Early.

The panic escalated.

"We kept thinking when's the next bomb going to go off, because you heard one then you heard another, and you're thinking is there going to be another," said Early.

Even hours later, the chaos continued.

"We heard sirens getting closer and closer and closer," said Early. "Then all of a sudden this fire truck turns down the same road we're on and stops a block away and the police officers and fire fighters are in and out and they're looking through trash cans and you're sitting there thinking we got to get out of here, what happens if this one explodes?"

Early's travel plans to return home changed.

"We got out of there and just felt better once we got out of there," said Early.

It was her first Boston Marathon -- one she won't soon forget, and she's still proud to wear her jacket.

"I am very thrilled that I had the opportunity to do it, I just wish it had a different outcome," said Early.

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