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CPD teaching women with free self-defense courses

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The Columbia Police Department is teaching women how to defend themselves if they're ever attacked. The idea came from an investigator with the city's special victim's unit.

Investigator Beatrice Fields says one thing women in domestic violence situations ask her is: how to fight back?

"Working in special victims unit, I dealt with a lot of women that were in a crisis situation and I found that -- I asked them the question, if they needed to have some kind of defense to help them with their attack and most of them said yes, if they knew any defense they would have used it," said Fields.

Fields works alongside Officer Lance Adams whose presence and stature make for a good teaching tool.

"Being a man, 6'2, 315 pounds, ladies need to know that they can actually defend themselves and use these techniques on someone who is my size," said Adams.

Seventy-three-year-old and 123-pound Joan Robinson is one of his pupils. Despite her size, Robinson was able to pick up and throw Adams three times.

"I don't mind at all being the sacrificial lamb for all these ladies out here who are out here ready to give it to me," said Adams. "If I can put myself on the line and they'll get something out of it then the Columbia Police Department and his program has done its job."

Robinson has never been a victim and never wants to be.

"You don't have to be vulnerable to men or anybody bothering you, and I pray to the Lord that I never have to use it," said Robinson.

Robinson encourages every woman to learn the techniques.

"Come and get it done, it could save your life," said Robinson.

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