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Indie Grits celebrates the work of film and soundtracks

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Earlier this evening, the curtain went up on an interesting mix of movies and music. It was called Cinemovements and it was part of Columbia's Indie Grits Film Festival.

Usually the way it works is a movie gets made, then a composer gets a look at it and writes the soundtrack. But the four silent films that were screened Monday night were inspired by original music and that music was performed live as the movie screened.

Some of the best performers from the South Carolina Philharmonic took part in the event. Concertmaster Mary Lee Kinosian's music was in good hands.

"With these guys, it's really kind of a dream team," said Kinosian. "To have them do my music is awesome."

As if that's not awesome enough, she got another treat with four of her compositions being set to film.

Steve Daniels is one of four Midlands filmmakers who used a Kinosian original as inspiration. It's the same kind of thing he'd do as a kid with an old VHS camcorder.

"I love movie soundtracks, so I'd listen to a soundtrack I'd love and get ideas," said Daniels.

Daniels used a Kinosian song called "Ask the Bones". He didn't want us to show you too much of his film, but you should expect chills if the soundtrack is any indication. Kinosian approves.

"The story that Steve's got in this film is just perfect," said Kinosian. "I keep watching it and just go, 'Wow!' That's pretty awesome."

She'll be playing along live as all four films are screened.

"I can't wait to see my film projected and hear the music played live in a room, feel the music with live instruments, I'm just really excited," said Daniels.

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