Perspective: Annette Funicello

My favorite Mouseketeer,  Annette Funicello, is gone, but my memories of her  will live on forever.   She's been described as wholesome, perky and  spunky….descriptions that apply to most of my TV star idols in the 50's and 60's…..along with Haley Mills, Mary Tyler Moore, Sally Fields as "Gidget" , and  "That Girl" Marla Thomas.  These personalities were real role models for me as a young girl.
TV wasn't such a pervasive force in popular American culture back then, so we were captivated by the personalities we saw there…...  Our idols seemed relatable, experiencing the same growing pains and insecurities we were.  Today's TV idols seem rich, spoiled, and dysfunctional….think Kardashian or Paris Hilton….with lifestyles unattainable for the majority of us.  Sensational, not relatable.
I know every generation thinks theirs is the BEST generation, but as we bid farewell to one of America's true sweethearts, I feel  lucky  to have grown up in a more innocent time with Annette and the Mickey Mouse Club.

That's my perspective.