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New speed limit coming to NC? Proposed bill heading to Senate

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Can you imagine a speed limit on 75 on North Carolina highways? If some lawmakers have their way, it could soon be a reality.

The proposed bill would bump up the maximum speed limit from 70 to 75. The bill has already been approved by the Senate Transportation Committee and is on its way to full senate.

Paul Vogt from Charlotte isn't in favor of the bill.

"Seems to me if they bump it up to 75, people are going to drive 85 and that's a little fast for me," he said. "I think 70 is fast enough."

But Lawmakers say it would give drivers the opportunity to drive faster in light traffic with no congestion without getting a speeding ticket. They're envisioning wide open interstates like the section of I-40 between Raleigh and Wilmington.

Mike Weaver, another driver from Charlotte, says the bill is a good idea.

[It would] save time," he pointed out. "More efficient. As long as their safe. I think the highway is designed for that speed."

But AAA Carolinas said speed is the problem, not the solution. Spokesman Tom Crosby says speed is the cause of one third of deadly wrecks in North Carolina.

Vogt agrees and saying serious wrecks would happen more often.

"If they set the speed limit at 75 people will drive 85," he said. "People will get hurt."

But drivers won't see a change anytime soon. Filed just last week, the bill has some more hurdles to cross before coming law.

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