Sheriff's department shows off for boy with inoperable brain tumor

Richard Culliver was a special guest of the RCSD Wednesday
Richard Culliver was a special guest of the RCSD Wednesday

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - By now most of you are familiar with Richard Culliver's journey. WIS has been following him since he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor late last year.

Wednesday he had yet another adventure. This one from the Richland County Sheriff's Department.  Richard went to see the tank, known as Sheriff Lott's Peacemaker, but got a whole lot more.

"He knew we were coming, he had no idea, nor did I, that it would be all this," said his mother, Stephanie McMillan.

What Richard got was a full, private demo of all of Richland County's gadgets.

To his mother, this is the new normal.  Strangers taking time out of their days to give her son a special one.

"To be honest you can't put into words how special this is. You can't," said McMillan. "It's amazing."

While Richard enjoyed the hands-on experience, the deputies enjoyed his presence. Especially Deputy Mark Ryan and Captain Joseph Pellicci, two men who're locked in their own battles with cancer.

"Something like that shouldn't happen to a kid that age," said Pellicci. "I'm 52. I've lived a good life. But his life hasn't even started yet."

"It gives you courage to see his strength. He has more courage than every deputy out here put together. To see that gives you encouragement. It just understates the fact of what an amazing young man he is."

An amazing young man with a selfless dream. He wants to work in a jail and teach inmates. That makes any days with law enforcement extra special.

"The thing about the tumor is that it affects so much and you don't see a lot of passion in their face, but me knowing him, he was just enthralled and speechless," said McMillan. "He sat there the whole time just looking at everything and taking it all in."

"Just to see him and watch him enjoy the K-9, helicopter and sirens," said Pellicci. "It was awesome just knowing he had another day on earth."

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