Perspective: Revitalizing Columbia

Columbia is a city rich in history and heritage neighborhoods, and that's why I'm glad City Council voted to purchase the century old Palmetto Compress warehouse.

Over the years, developers, property owners and historical preservationists have worked together to repurpose several neglected properties resulting in revitalization of the Vista and other iconic neighborhoods in Columbia. It's important to preserve and protect our history while finding creative solutions to development plans , but it takes cooperation, vision and compromise.

The warehouse is in pretty good structural shape and doesn't appear to pose any hazards to the area. While it may appear to some that it can't be converted for purposes other than what it was designed for, the imagination and vision of others can effectively redevelop this property to enhance one of Columbia's more historic neighborhoods.

As Mayor Benjamin's said in a statement to WIS: "The only way an economically feasible adaptive reuse plan for the building will ever be developed and its potential realized is if all parties can work together."  I share that perspective.