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New terminal at MYR officially up and running

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The new terminal at the Myrtle Beach International Airport opened Tuesday for business. In turn, the old terminal adjacent to the new terminal closed Tuesday.

Many travelers said they were worried about what they would encounter the first day the terminal was opened, but said they were pleasantly surprised.

 "I thought it would be more complicated because when they were building it, it was a little bit confusing. But now all of a sudden, today being the first day, it is very easy to get around," Nora Radu said.

Andy Higgins travels out of MYR two to three times per month. Higgins said the parking was almost too good to be true.

 "Oh, parking was great. The guy in the golf cart was like, ‘Hey do you want a ride?' I'm like, ‘No, I think I can walk it.'," Higgins said.

Travelers raved about the new restaurants that are past the security checkpoint, the brand new rental car facility, the more spacious baggage claim area and a brand new type of kiosk never offered at MYR before Tuesday.

 "Let's say you're not checking bags, you can print your boarding pass right there. And you don't even have to stop right there which is really nice," Higgins said.

Higgins was referring to a few different kiosks scattered throughout the terminal. Travelers who are not checking a bag can check into their flight at the kiosk and never have to speak to a airline representative. There are also several kiosks that are not airline specific, so people can use any kiosk to check into their flight before checking their bags.

One traveler said she thinks the convenience of the terminal will lure in more tourists to the Grand Strand.

"For the convenience and ease of checking in and getting to your gate or coming from your gate down to baggage.  And it looks like it's a much simpler. So I think it will do a lot of good for tourist season," Pat Degenhardt said.

The old terminal will be renovated. The downstairs will be used for office space and storage. The upstairs will be renovated and gates will be added. The travelers will be able to access those gates from the new terminal. The parking lot directly across from the old terminal will also be renovated, and eventually be the credit card parking lot.

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