Midlands Target charging 8 percent sales tax a month early

Some Midlands customers are being hit with an increase in the penny sale tax a month early, and it's happening at the Target on Garners Ferry Road.

Receipts show customers are being charged 8 percent tax on the items they buy. 

We've been trying to get to the bottom of this all day. The tax is at the bottom of your receipt. After the customer we talked to on Tuesday, everyone is paying closer attention to their bill.

In Richland County, customers pay 6 percent state sales tax and a 1 percent local option sales tax. The additional penny transportation tax shouldn't start until May 1.

"We're a single income household," said Target customer Sonny Lemmons. "This is very concerning to me."

"I feel it's sort of a rip-off," said customer Shavata Palmer.

Inside the store, the manager wouldn't speak with us. From the parking lot, we did get her on the phone.

"I'm not allowed to discuss the taxes," said the manager. "That's one of the topics that I'm not at liberty to discuss, but I can give you our media relations phone number."

So we called that number, but guess where that office was located? Winnipeg, Canada. We explained the problem, and got another call back in our office, wanting us to again explain the problem. Customers who went back and questioned the charge didn't get far.

While it's pennies on the dollar, customers say it makes a difference.

"Every penny matters," said Lemmons, "that's why I keep rolling them."

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