Truck overturns spilling 37,000 pounds of scrap onto I-77 - - Columbia, South Carolina

Truck overturns spilling 37,000 pounds of scrap onto I-77


A scrap metal truck overturned while going too fast in a curve, and spilled tons of debris all over the freeway early Tuesday morning.

It's a notorious off-ramp that has claimed countless semi trucks over the years, but the latest crash turned out to be an even bigger headache for crews than the others.

Around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, a scrap metal truck took the curve too fast going from I-85 southbound to I-77 south, according to the State Highway Patrol, and overturned.

The rig was hauling 37,000 pounds of scrap metal.  Everything from car bumpers to kitchen sinks were hurled out of the trailer onto the freeway.

Many of the larger chunks actually were thrown across four lanes of traffic along I-77 southbound.

Not all of the oncoming traffic escaped unscathed.

"We were driving down the road, and saw the police car stop" said Patti Thompett.  She was driving from Michigan heading for Fort Jackson with her daughter-in-law and her infant granddaughter to see her son.

"He (police) turned his lights on, so we slowed down to go around him.  We went around him, and unfortunately, there was a piece of debris from the truck apparently."

The chunk of metal, weighing probably hundreds of pounds, raked the side of Thompett's sedan.

"We just ended up clipping it with our car."

The family was okay, but the sedan has seen better days.

Thompett was able to continue onto South Carolina, with an unexpected story to tell her son.

Troopers shut down the off ramp, and called in road crews, who feverishly worked to clear the scrap from the interstate.

Around 6:30 a.m., the road was reopened, two hours ahead of schedule.

The truck driver, according to troopers, will be cited with excessive speeds.

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