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3-year-old suffering from cancer celebrates birthday

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Jasmine Melvin Jasmine Melvin

Several months ago 3-year-old Jasmine Melvin, the niece of former WIS anchor Craig Melvin, was diagnosed with a rare disease.

The medical crisis put her in children's hospital in Washington, DC for nearly three months.

"'Your daughter has a large mass in her stomach and it may be malignant,'" said Jasmine's father, Ryan.

That was the news Ryan and Zully Melvin got around the holidays last year about their then-2 year old daughter, Jasmine.

"Of course it's a challenge but we remain positive," said Ryan. "You have to remain positive. There's no other way to handle it."

The large mass turned out to be a rare form of cancer called Ewing's Sarcoma. The Melvin's didn't have time for tears. Jasmine needed them to fight.

"For her to be 3 years old and fighting the way she's fighting,she doesn't ask too many questions, 'Why do I have to wear this mask? Why can't I go,'" said her father. "She just kind of goes with it and she's like 'I understand.' But she is just the ultimate fighter."

Every two weeks Jasmine undergoes chemotherapy. She's scheduled for 14 rounds.

"After the 6th round, they're going to do a couple more scans, see how the tumor has decreased in size, or see the size of the tumor and see if they can actually go in there and take it out," said Melvin.

He said his daughter has been a true champion through the chemo.

"She's just Jasmine," he said. "She's playing around, wanting to stay up till all hours of the night."

He said her strong, independent and enthusiastic personality has not wavered. Friday she celebrated her third birthday. And she's fighting for many more.

"I tell her every night, I'm so proud of you," said her father. "I'm so proud of you."

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