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With ammo shortages, law agencies at mercy of the market

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It doesn't matter if you're a target shooter or a Sheriff's deputy because right now, ammunition is hard to find. While the shortage might inconvenience hobbyists who are looking to blow off some steam on the weekend, law enforcement has bigger concerns.

"I want my officers to be able to hit what they're shooting at and not someone else," said Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews.

Matthews likes to have his deputies on the range at least three times a year. Each time, they use about 6,500 rounds. But he, along with his counterparts across the country, could soon have a hard time getting their hands on ammunition.

"We have been promised additional training ammunition in about three months. It's been as high as six months," said Matthews.

The shortage stems from a nationwide fear among gun owners that new gun control legislation will somehow effect what's available.

Added in are reports that the Department of Homeland Security has planned to buy more than a billion rounds of ammo during the next few years.

Just as you might have trouble finding ammo at Walmart, Matthews is at the mercy of the market.

"Right now, we have enough for maybe two or three more training sessions. We get our hands on ammunition any way we can, but if it dries up than it will be a problem for us," said Matthews.

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