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March Madness? Studies show increase in vasectomies during tourney

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March Madness and vasectomies probably seem like an unlikely pair, but numbers show the two might actually have more in common than you think.

The folks over at Capitol Urology can attest to this. They've seen about a 20 percent jump in the number of men making appointments for vasectomies this month.

"It's a time to really relax, really sit back with your TV clicker, frozen peas, pain pills if you need them, and just kind of chill out," said Dr. Thomas Edmunds, Jr.

Edmunds has performed 1500 vasectomies and says even though you might be unsure about your bracket picks, a vasectomy is a pretty sure thing.

"It is the most effective form of birth control," said Edmunds. "It is a 99.9 percent success rate in the hands of somebody that does a lot of them."

Which is good news for patients like Matt Reiff. He got his vasectomy Thursday and has a weekend of relaxation planned. He'll be in front of the TV watching the North Carolina Tarheels.

"This way I could rest at home and watch the basketball game and recoup," said Reiff. "Four straight days of basketball from about noon to midnight. What a better time to sit on the couch than this week?"

Reiff says taking one for his team just makes sense at this point in life.

"I figured my wife endured 9 months of carrying my son, so go through a 10 minute procedure," said Reiff.

Nationally experts say vasectomy rates go up as much 50 percent during March Madness.

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