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Preservationist on old General Store: "This is a No. 11 like in Spinal Tap!"

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Down the road you'll find a nuclear power plant and state-of-the-art recycling center, but in Society Hill, time seems to have stopped -- dotting the landscape with hidden treasures.

"Not many times do we have the opportunity to step into a true time capsule," said Mike Bedenbaugh. 

Bedenbaugh is talking about the Sompayrac General Store. It opened in 1815 and closed in 1984. It's been sealed until now.

"This is a No. 11 like in Spinal Tap," said Bedenbaugh. "This is a No. 11!"    

Bedenbaugh and his team from the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation have been organizing the store for 3 months.

Sompayrac sold just about everything here from Corkscrews to Camel cigarettes --- even caskets.

"This place acted as the bank, pawn shop, and supply center," said Bedenbaugh.

It was the heart out of town physically and socially, representing a time of true interdependence and simplicity.

"it's the spirit of the place just like people have a soul buildings have a spirit. People can see and feel that when they walk in," said Bedenbaugh.

Soon, you can own a piece of it. On April 6, Palmetto Trust will host a massive sale there.

"It's not just about the bricks and mortar or because the building looks cool and old," said Bedenbaugh. "It's because of what it holds within the bones of it."

The money raised will go toward saving more buildings like Sompayrac -- wheverever and whenever they're found.

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