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Lexington-Richland 5 board votes to remove Kim Murphy

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In a 6-1 decision, board member Kim Murphy was removed from the Lexington-Richland 5 Board of Trustees during a Tuesday night meeting.

The decision comes based off a recommendation from Judge Thomas Cooper, who said having Murphy remain on the board could open up "numerous potential negative legal problems" for the district.

The ruling adds another chapter to an already confusing saga over Murphy's residency.

A Budget and Control Board report indicated Murphy did not live in Richland County -- the seat she represents on the board.

The B&CB's research showed "no doubt" her home is in Lexington County. "This is really not a very difficult call," said Sid Miller, state and county boundary coordinator for the B&CB. "This house is 500 feet from the line."

Murphy and her attorney, Todd Kincannon, fought the recommendation for about an hour before the board voted.

Kincannon started the meeting immediately with a motion to dismiss the case. He argued that the board lacked the authority to remove her and past issues legal issues between Murphy and the board were the motivating factor.   

"The taxpayers are gonna start thinking this is all a vendetta, and frankly that's what I think too," said Kincannon.

Kincannon also dismissed the B&CB's report.

"Kim Murphy didn't leave Richland County. Richland County left Kim Murphy," said Kincannon.

Murphy struck a defiant tone as the vote ended.

"Bullies will be bullies to the point of stealing an election," said Murphy. "I hope voters are paying attention to this."

Kincannon and Murphy have vowed to appeal the decision.

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