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County helps residents get photo ID to vote

Orangeburg County residents get photo IDs Orangeburg County residents get photo IDs

Dozens of Orangeburg County voters lined up at the senior center in Vance to arm themselves for the next election.

They sat and posed for their new photo ID cards -- cards they'll use to prove they are and who they say they are when they show up to vote.

"I don't have no ID at all because I lost it in a fishing accident," said Gerald Anderson.  "Because I lost my wallet, social security card, birth certificate, everything."

Not having those IDs before now has kept Anderson from the ballot box.

"Really I wasn't voting because I didn't have an ID," he said. "But I heard about this on the news this morning so I said, 'I better come by and see if I can get me one.'"

The county set up another photo ID drive across the county in Springfield, where Pearlie Edwards got her new ID along with dozens of others. Edwards was skeptical of the new law at first but said the process was an easy one Thursday.

"That's what I was worried about, do you have to have it in order to vote," said Edwards. "So, if some people don't have it, they would be able to vote because I really wouldn't want anybody left out of voting."

"For the most part, they're understanding it," said elections staffer Tonya Whetstone. Part of her job Thursday was to educate voters on the new photo ID law.

The new photo ID card isn't the only proof you have to show: you can use your driver's license, passport, military ID or a DMV issued ID card.

"It's not bad at all," said Whetstone. "We don't have to put any information in or add anything. All we do is take the photos and add it to the profile they already have. It's not a hard process. And it's free."

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