Deputy in officer-involved shooting: "I felt like a pitbull on a chain ready to go."

Sr. Deputy Sheila Aull
Sr. Deputy Sheila Aull

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - From the beginning, Sr. Deputy Sheila Aull says she had a bad feeling about the call.

"The victim flagged me down, she had blood all about her face," said Aull.

Aull got a description, knew the suspect was armed, and gave chase. What ensued was a running gunfight. Deputies say the suspect, Adam Jurgen, was firing indiscriminately at them as he ran down the side streets off Broad River Road.

He ran into an apartment and when he came out, Aull found herself just feet away and then it happened.

"He looked my way, looked the other way, then started shooting," said Aull.  

Aull says it felt like a bee sting her shirt proves it was much more, but the .380 caliber bullet that could've killed her didn't get past her vest.

"It instantly ticked me off," said Aull. "I felt like a pitbull on a chain ready to go."

Immediately, Aull and at least four other deputies returned fire. Jurgen died at the scene.

"I always thought I would have a problem doing it, and I still don't think I would have a problem doing it again," said Aull. "Do I want to? Absolutely not. I know me and my department did the right thing that day. I think about the family of the victim, and I pray for them. and I'm sorry, but it had to be done."

Sheriff Leon Lott says he's happy to see that kind of emotion from Aull. He says it's important for these officers to go through this range of emotion to get it out of their systems.

After the shooting, all the deputies involved sat down with a staff psychologist to talk about that day.

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